Standby Fuel

Propane doesn't degrade over time, and the generators do not need to be filled by the homeowner like gasoline and diesel models.

for Days

During Public Safety Power Shutoffs and other outages, a propane generator can handle an entire home's energy needs for days, unlike solar- and wind-powered systems.

No Unexpected

A power outage costs a family an average of $1,250. A propane generator keeps your home running to help you avoid those surprise expenses.

On forecasted windy days, California residents may be subject to Public Safety Power Shutoffs by their utility provider. The goal is to prevent power lines from snapping during periods of high winds and sparking a potentially-devastating wildfire. Once utility power is shutoff to an area, the restoration of power isn’t always a quick process, so homeowners need to prepare now to endure long stretches without utility power.

While there are steps residents can take to keep their family as comfortable as possible until utility power returns, nothing replaces the comfort that comes with having a backup power solution in place before the power goes out.

How Propane Standby Generators Help

Propane standby generators provide California homeowners worried about being left in the dark for extended periods of time with unmatched comfort and peace of mind by supplying supplemental electricity in as little as 10 seconds after an outage. Unlike diesel and gasoline, propane doesn’t degrade over time or need to be refilled constantly by the homeowner, making propane an ideal standby power fuel.

For homeowners already using propane appliances in their home, a standby generator is a terrific addition that will provide an increased level of comfort during a power outage.

Homeowners in all-electric homes can still benefit from propane, too. If you have the option of propane in your area, it might be time to start thinking about switching one or more appliances to propane in addition to installing a propane standby generator. The home’s water heater, furnace, and stove can all run more efficiently with propane.

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