• The Path to Renewable Propane conference was a live, virtual event that explored the many opportunities for propane to provide sustainable energy.  The online conference brought together hundreds of individuals and companies that wanted to learn from the thought leadership in propane energy.
  • Climate change requires we deploy all low carbon solutions.  We heard from stakeholders including lawmakers, policy experts, producers and retailers on the important role renewable propane plays to help address climate change.
  • The advent of renewable propane will not only provide a pivotal transformation for building decarbonization and transportation, but the move to sustainable propane will also spur hundreds of jobs for the green economy.
  • Speakers covered a few processes to produce renewable propane which included hydrotreating, ethanol and methanol conversion, and decarbonization through methane capture.


  • Consumers: Learned how to source a sustainable clean fuel that has a low cost of adoption. Deploy renewable propane as part of your organization’s GHG reduction strategy.
  • Producers: Learned more about the growing market for renewable propane, credits available today in California and future forecast for carbon credit systems.
  • Retailers: Learned who produces renewable propane today and what’s on the horizon.  Gain a better understanding of renewable propane’s value proposition.