Propane is Resilient

Millions of Americans rely on propane for dependable energy. It’s a stable energy source to support everyone when the electric grid fails. Californians experienced over 25,000 blackouts in 2019. These utility outages are expected to continue for the next decade.

Propane ensures all people have access to the energy they need without having to compromise their lifestyle or essential energy needs. Propane is also the ideal energy for critical infrastructure like hospitals and emergency services. Propane even provides energy for temporary hospitals as well as housing for the homeless in the midst of a pandemic.

Propane is Affordable

Propane reduces energy bills in high-usage applications both at work and at home. Propane also delivers one unit of energy to a home three times more efficiently than electricity.

Propane is Sustainable

Renewable propane is derived from sustainable, non-fossil sources including animal fat, vegetable oil, methane capture, and landfills. Consumers are helping to drive demand for this burgeoning clean energy solution. Renewable propane can provide a lower carbon footprint than electricity from utilities. Renewable propane provides one of the fastest paths for energy decarbonization and complements other clean energy solutions like solar and wind.