Power to the Farm


Propane Gives You The Power to Farm California


Farming California isn’t like farming anywhere else. It takes a unique kind of producer to thrive in the unique environmental conditions and increased regulations. A propane-powered irrigation engine can be a difference maker on both fronts, giving you robust power anytime and anywhere you need it, all while meeting strict emissions standards. Those are only two of the benefits you’ll realize when you switch to clean, American propane for your irrigation needs.


Straight Talk From California Producers

Hear what real California producers have to say about their experience with the latest generation of propane-powered irrigation engines, then think about the difference propane could make for your operation.


The Facts About Propane Irrigation Engines

California Testimonial Icons 

*Based on 2014 data from 74 farmers who purchased and operated 87 new propane-powered irrigation engines.

Propane and Agriculture: A Natural Match

More than 800,000 U.S. farms rely on clean, American propane to keep their operations running. If you’re ready to see how propane can improve your operation, click Find A Provider. To learn more about new propane-powered ag products, calculate cost savings, or even apply for incentives available to producers, visit propane.com/agriculture

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