SACRAMENTO – The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) announced today that it is working with its member marketers to ensure that residential and emergency services customers living in and around the Sierra Nevada range will have access to safe, reliable supplies of propane through the late-Winter storms that have blanketed the region in snow.

“WPGA remains deeply concerned with our customers’ ability to heat and provide power for their homes during a historic series of storm events,” said WPGA President & CEO Colin Sueyres. “Our members have and will continue to prioritize deliveries of propane for health and safety – which means families and emergency response agencies. Drivers are working around the clock to make deliveries and provide our fuel to those who need it.”

WPGA is working closely with local emergency response agencies and local law enforcement to provide propane in a safe and timely manner. There is enough propane to satisfy customer demands; there are, however, limits on the safe transportation of propane from supply points as well as limits on pipeline capacity.

Heavy snow, downed trees, fallen electricity poles, and closed or one-way roads mean that industry delivery vehicles (“bobtails”) must drive slower to account for adverse conditions. Cold weather slows the travel of rail cars which carry out-of-state propane supply into the region, further exacerbating time to fill tanks. In addition, if retail customers have not maintained a path to their tank, it takes crews 3- to 4-times longer to reach the fill valve and make a successful delivery.

For Propane Customers:

  • Please try and alert your marketer when your propane is at 30-40% full to give enough time for delivery.
  • If using a propane backup generator for power, please consider using it for only essential appliances and focusing on health and safety needs like home heating and cooking.
  • Before a delivery, please clear the path of snow or debris to allow the marketer to safely access the on-site tank. If you are unable to clear the path to your tank, please request the assistance of a neighbor or volunteer, or contact local emergency responders.
  • If you are having difficulty connecting with your marketer, please contact [email protected] or your local county OES office and let them know the following information: your name, address, name of marketer who supplies you, and relevant account information.

The Western Propane Gas Association is a trade and membership service organization that represents propane marketers throughout California. Founded in 1949, the association has grown while maintaining its core principles of education and safety.

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