Convert To Propane

Converting to propane from other energy sources gives homeowners significant advantages — and it’s easier than you think. Learn how.

PWS Water Heater brochure

Water Heaters

Whether you choose the more traditional storage tank model or the space-saving tankless model, propane-powered water heaters deliver unmatched cost savings, energy efficiency, and performance. Discover which propane-powered water heater is right for your home.

PWS Heating Oil Brochure

Heating Oil Conversions

If you’re still using heating oil in your home, it’s time to switch and enjoy the benefits of a modern propane heating system. See the major benefits of propane when you compare it with heating oil.

PWS Energy Calculator

Propane vs. Electric Cost Calculator

The most effective way to see the advantages of a propane-powered home over an all-electric home is with this simple cost calculator. Just enter a few variables and let the numbers speak for themselves.